Taiwan : Partner Cerdas untuk Pemulihan Berkelanjutan Indonesia

Taiwan: Indonesia's Intelligent Partner for a Sustainable Recovery


Free Webinar on November 30th, 2022. 10:30AM (Local time in Indonesia ,GMT+7)

Taiwan Smart Manufacturing 360 Stand  10.00 – 18.00 / 30 Nov. – 2 Dec. (Wed – Fri); 10.00 – 17.00 / 3 Dec. (Sat)


In the post-pandemic world, the global manufacturing industry is facing challenges and new opportunities, such as electricity vehicles and green energy sectors. It is vital that manufacturers adopt intelligent manufacturing to optimize processes and increase efficiency, so that they can adapt to volatile demand. 

As the world's top 5 machine tools exporter, Taiwan has a strong background in IT and telecoms equipment, as well as complete machine tool supply chains; thus, the companies are adept at delivering custom smart manufacturing solutions in short times. 

At Manufacturing Indonesia , TAITRA utilizes the 360 VR technologies to showcase Taiwan smart manufacturing solutions and the secret behold by the 14 tier-one Taiwanese smart machinery manufacturers. Besides, we invite you to attend the Taiwan Smart Manufacturing product launch (Nov. 30th). Taiwanese companies like HIWIN, FEELER, SEYI, TONGTAI & MIRLE will speak about the recent achievements and share success stories. 


You can also visit our booth at Hall A, Stand No. 1418 during the Manufacturing Indonesia








SEYI Smart Stamping Solution presented by Marco Lim, Supervisor of Sales dept. Section II, SEYI

SEYI is a leading manufacturer of medium-large servo presses. Main customers are manufacturers in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical instrument, agriculture machine, 3C electronics, construction material, hardware and home appliance. We assist our customers to gain better position in the market by providing creative and edging technology. SEYI's sales and service network is well established around the whole world which allows us to supply our state of the art press equipment and service to our clients.



HIWIN’s Smart Welding Robot System
presented by Samuel Law, Regional Sales Manager of HIWIN Singapore

i4.0BS® is the first intelligent 4.0 ball screw in the world. It combines a multifunction sensor to detect vibration and temperature with professional algorithm. Users can monitor the status of each machine in real time from the APP to arrange maintenance schedule. It can avoid machines’ unexpected shutdown, and achieve high machine utilization, energy saving and environmental protection. HIWIN wielding robot system include 10kg HIWIN Articulated robot RA610 and wielding power source for TIG and can combine with linear axis, head stock, tail stock, index table and positioner options.



FFG ”e” machining presented by Myron Liao, Deputy Section Manager of Sales Department, FEELER

FEELER, established in 1979, offer products ranging from Vertical/Horizontal turning and milling, 5-axis machining center, automatic production system and all line equipment...etc targeting at Automotive, Aerospace, New Energy, Medical and 5G Industry. All products can be equipped with FEELER Intelligent Production System to progress, classify & monitor production. 




Tongtai’s Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions presented by Andrew Yu, Sales Representative, TONGTAI

TONGTAI, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of machine tools, is known for providing a variety of machines and turnkey solutions. In response to Industry 4.0, it has provided intelligent manufacturing solutions to its customers around the world. Incorporating the technologies of IoT, CPS, FMS and MES, its solutions achieve goals for virtual representation, digital-twin and cyber-physical systems. Being a machine tools provider, it focuses on integrating comprehensive manufacturing data and input information into the customers' ERP and supply chain systems. 

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Mirle’s Smart Factory Solutions presented by MIRLE

MIRLE was founded in 1989, as one of the leaders in automation system integrators and related product manufacturers. It provides a wide range of technical solutions, top-tier engineers, which allow its clients successfully implement various kinds of automation systems, including touch panel and clean room transportation and automatic material‐handling system, solar cell equipment, AS/RS, computer integration, robot application, industrial controllers, material handling system, Flat Panel Display facilities, and turnkey equipment.